• Carbon Black and a Fresh Start
  • Sheraton Liv

Carbon Black and a Fresh Start

Many of you are probably wondering why we made a re-launch. It is mostly because we felt the need to revamp our site to match the fresh new products we plan to bring in. We believe this new site suits our taste and style with its simple and clean look. Most of all, it caters to the customers' need.

One of our goals is to change the way you feel about your work/battle-station by adding aesthetically pleasing products to your desk. Since the black on dark grey theme has been one of the most favored color schemes in the mechanical keyboard community, we thought bringing in the Carbon Black set as the first featured item would be the best choice. The sleekness of this set makes for a very eye-appealing piece for any space. 

On another note, I have been working with other vendors, big and small, to bring in fresh ideas on keysets. One of the vendors we've been collaborating closely with is Massdrop. The reason for this is because we want to regain our customers' trust. By presenting our ideas through Massdrop first, buyers can gauge where the numbers are at rather than being left in the dark.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the continued support, and I hope you stick along with us for this journey. For those who pre-ordered Carbon Black, you can expect updates weekly for any changes. For now please use the following thread below for the updates, until we can figure out a better way to do so.


  • Sheraton Liv