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KMAC and PBT Sets

hello kbdists,.

We wanted to update you on some of our new products coming soon. We will be bringing Japanese, Cyrillic and Hangul PBT Dye-Sub sets. Currently, we have some PBT Cyrillic sets in stock, but in very limited quanities. BSP PBT Dye-Sub sets will also be up momentarily.

If you haven't seen already, we have also launched a variety of springs as well as Gateron switches. These items pair well on any custom keyboards. And as far as custom keyboards go, we're planning to bring back the KMAC Happy, KMAC Mini, KMAC Pad, KMAC 1, and KMAC 2. Get your wallets ready!

Lastly, we will be hosting a LA meet up on November 14th. I hope you guys can come check it out. It'll be loads of fun! More details on that to come!



  • Sheraton Liv