Signature Plastics

SA Chronicler

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Signature Plastics

SA Chronicler

$199.00 $109.00

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A classic style with a modern take, this keyset was inspired with a combination of Sky Dolch and SoWaRe (Sky Blue WYSE Replica). The classic keycaps are colored with a dark and medium grey look with a vibrant cyan font. 

Chronicler (credits to glenmael) means a person who writes an eventful part of history. In this case, SoWaRe was a piece of history for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

The set is newly manufactured by Signature Plastics right here in Washington, USA. 

This set is produced through double-shot with ABS. Because the keycap is hefty and tall, they contain a significant amount plastic versus other profile keycaps. 


  • Base (126-Key) Kit includes Base, Numberpad, WKL, ISO, and additional keys to complete your sets (see details listed below)
  • SA Profile
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches

1. Tenkeyless

  • Contains 87 keys to fit a standard US ANSI tenkeyless board (ie: CM Storm QFR)

2. 10-Key Pad

  • Contains 17 keys to fit most tenkeypads
  • Contains 2 extra keys to fit older style tenkeypads: 1u 0 and 1u 00

3. Winkeyless Kit

    • Includes one 1.75x stepped Caps Lock, two Ctrl 1.5u keys, two Alt 1.5u keys, two 1u MOD key, and one 7u spacebar for traditional style keyboards 

4. ISO Kit

  • Includes ISO Enter and ISO Shift
  • Includes 1u Blank key

5.  RGBY Add-on

  • 27 Keys including Esc and Arrow keys
  • Includes RGBY on Grey modifiers