Gateron Switch (Clear Tops)



Gateron Switch (Clear Tops)


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Gateron switches are one of the most sought after products in the mechanical keyboard community. Gateron switches provide a clear transparent housing with 50 million cycles. The inside is finished with copper click leaf and soft plastic stem to provide a smooth typing experience. These switches are made with the same stem as Cherry so all our keycaps are compatible with this DIY product.

Gateron Blue - Tactile Click  (55g)

Gateron Brown - Tactile Touch (45g)

Gateron Clear - Smooth Linear (35g)

Gateron Red - Smooth Linear (45g)

Gateron Black - Smooth Linear (50g)

Gateron Green - Tactile Click (70-80g)

       **weight calculated at bottom out force


  • Clear Tops and Black Bottoms
  • Cherry MX compatible
  • PCB mounted 
  • Choice of 70 or 110 switches per bag
  • Anti-static bag to keep switches safe

Disclaimer: The pictures are not the actual product.

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