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A pre-built keyboard with 68 keys that are fully programmable.

All other information and e-manual can be found on http://www.kbdist.com/

Please refer to http://www.kbdist.com/mod-switches for details on the MOD switches.


  1. 68 Keys
  2. Fully Programmable
  3. Mechanical Switches (MOD Switches or Gateron Switches)
  4. New case design with 2 holes on each side for backlight feature
  5. LED lit keys
  6. Barebones (no keycaps)

Keycaps (choice of blank or MOD)

  • MOD Keycaps
    • Cherry Profile
    • Thick PBT Keycaps
    • Classic Beige (dye-subbed legends)


    • Mini USB connection (black)
    • Dimensions (case): 12 1/4" x 4" x 1 1/4"
      • case made of ABS plastic


    • September 30 (extended until 10/7)- End Orders
    • October 7 - Submit Orders to Factory
    • December 13 - Receive Orders

    **Please check www.kbdist.com/updates for details on shipping dates

    Disclaimer: All dates posted are tentative and subject to change. We reserve the right to adjust any shipping costs shall there be any differences at the time we receive the product.

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